My goal at Project 139 Photography is to provide you with the best pictures through an experience you will remember. I believe that every family, person, child or baby is fearfully and wonderfully made – and my goal is to capture a lifelong memory. Typically, I specialize in the urban or outdoor themed photography. Possible locations include in and around your home, Lake Woodlands, Downton Houston, Market Street, Hughs Landing, and since I am pretty new here I would love to explore any locations you have in mind.

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I break out your Photography Project into the following sections:

Project Consultation: Upon booking your photo project, I will plan a Project Consultation. During this phone/email conversation, I will review the “vision” of your session, including the setting for your pictures (urban, mountain or otherwise), the choices of dress, and any unique or creative ideas you have. I will also finalize our scheduled session time.

Day of the Shoot: The day of the scheduled shoot is always flexible, depending on the weather (for outside shoots) or the people. It is better to reschedule a shoot than to force it.  For outdoor sessions, natural lighting is the best – and the late afternoon/early morning light is ideal. I am completely flexible for indoor sessions.  Sessions are normally 1-2 hours long and consist of multiple settings in one location. And, by the time we are done - we will have taken over 300 pictures.

Preview Session: Once the session is complete, I will review all images that were taken and narrow it down to 40-50 of “the best.”  I will professionally crop, edit and re-color the photos to give you a variety of photos to be reviewed at the in-home preview session.  I schedule a time for you to come to my home studio (usually for about an hour) and view a video slideshow of your photos and view the photos individually. A complete summary of products (prints, canvases, photo books, etc.) will also be available.  At the preview/order session you will choose what you would like to purchase from your photos session.  Depending on what package you have chosen, there will be several options, so it helps to come with an idea of what you would like to get from the photoshoot.  Once your order is placed – please allow about a week to 2 weeks depending on the product to have your order delivered.

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