July Newsletter - Big Changes Comin'!

Project 139 Photography is MOVING!  We will be relocating to The Woodlands, TX in August!  I have been so blessed and grateful for each and every one of my clients here in Colorado... what an amazing place to start this business and work with all of you.  I have been able to photograph some of my longest time friends and family and have been able to meet so many amazing people.  I had the awesome opportunity to work with the Rocky Mountain Children's Health foundation and meet so many awesome kiddos that are each a million times braver and stronger than I will ever be.  Each one of them have touched me and blessed me so much!  I definitely am not done with taking pictures... I really do love what I do and would love to keep it going.   I will be working hard to build my business down in TX and gain clients, so would love any connections y'all ;-) have for me.  AND, If you still would like a session... Let me know and I will see if I can squeeze you in.  Lastly, THANK YOU!!!  to each one of you for all of your support these past couple years!       

There’s a place not too far away from here
Out with the cows and the Lone Star beer
Where the livin’ and lovin’ is quite all right with me
Well they call it Texas and it’s a mighty fine place to be
— Charlie Daniels Band